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About Us

Lexsuco Corporation, has been contributing to the Canadian building industry for over 55 years. Lexsuco Corporation, proud to be Canadian owned and operated, was founded in 1961 to develop and market new technologies for commercial roofing applications, a standard it continues to honour. Throughout its history, Lexsuco Corporation has built trust and loyalty among roofing contractors, architects, consultants and others in the construction trade, due to its quality products and services. Its continuing research and development for new and innovative building products is also key to the company’s success.

Lexsuco Corporation consists of three main brands. STRONGERTogether, they are:
Lexcor Commercial Building Products
Lexcan Single Ply Roofing Systems
Lexmat Residential Building Products

Lexsuco Corporation recognizes the ever-growing popularity of consumers purchasing products online. With this; back in 2011, Lexsuco Corporation proudly launched its first Ecommerce website, which has since been rebranded and refreshed to meet the changing needs of consumers. Check out Roofingmaterials.online offering hundreds of roofing tools and equipment.